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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

knock knock knock...Michelle?

I really am still here...lots going on the last couple of weeks.  My friend, Tammy (she's also my husband's cousin), came for a 10 day visit!  She is an avid quilter too, so we had a blast shopping, quilting, sightseeing, and chatting!  Of course she had to try out the longarm...she did great!  She also brought 3 other quilts for me to quilt for her.  I'll share pictures of those in another post.  This one is going to be loaded with pictures already!

Of course I had to take her to the Lancaster area shops....she took to them like a duck to water!  What quilter wouldn't!
look at all those shades of Kona!

A row of bolts at Burkholders!

Of course, I didn't need a thing, but somehow ended up with these beauties.   They are for an upcoming workshop I'm taking with Bonnie Hunter!

We also took a trip to NYC...

...and saw this show.  It was great...highly recommend it.

It was a quite foggy the days we were in NYC, but this was the creepiest.  This was getting off of the Staten Island Ferry walking back to our car, which was in the parking garage about 1/2 mile away.

On the last day of Tammy's visit, we met Peggy and Robin in Burlington, NJ, for one more quilt shop visit.  :)  We all bought fabric for purses and Tammy and I went home and started ours.  Well, we didn't start them until about 9pm that night and almost pulled an all nighter to get them done.  I had a bit of work to do on mine the next morning and Tammy took her's home still needing a few steps.  I love mine!  The pattern is Mini Miranda by Lazy Girl Designs.

I made a little bit of progress on the Florida Gator orange and blue quilt...

This is a dark picture, but this is the layout.  I'm still not 100% convinced this quilt isn't going to be so obnoxious no one will be able to look at it....but I'm just going for it!

Yesterday our guild had a "Sit & Sew" day.  One of the gals presented a Mystery in a Day quilt....well, almost a day.  If we had another hour or two, I think we could have completed them.  :)

The pattern called for 11 FQs.  I had a pack of batik FQs that were gifted to me a few years back.  Now, some of you know that I do not do batiks.  I can appreciate and admire the beautiful quilts made from them, but they just aren't my cup of tea.  But I thought....I might as well use this FQ pack up and also save me from needing to go buy 11 FQs.
Here are my FQs, all cut and ready for sewing.  You can see from the scraps on the left, it really did use up almost ALL the fabric....

One of the gals did purple/green...very pretty!

someone was working with orientals...

Another batik colorway!

 I got all my blocks assembled at the Sit & Sew and last night after dinner, I assembled them in to the top.  You can see Quilt Inspector #1 has no qualms about batiks....she promptly assumed her duties as soon as I laid the rows on the floor.

I waited until this morning to get a picture with better lighting...but the wind was blowing, everytime I turned to take a picture the corner was blown over again!  Grrrr....  Not a great picture...but you get the idea!  All in all, I'm happy with it.  It's definitely different for me, but it's good to step outside of your box once in a while.  It just needs a border and it will make a great gift for someone.  :)

Now, "orange" you glad you stopped by?  Did you see all the ORANGE projects I am working on?  Crazy!  

Happy Quilting!
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Retreat #1 Recap

Retreat #1 was a huge success! It was incredibly fun...loads of laughs and I accomplished a lot of sewing and that's always a good thing!

The retreat was held at a hotel in Lewes, Delaware. The hotel closes this same weekend for the season, so there usually isn't any other guests. There was one mother/daughter guest staying the weekend...the mom was sorry she didn't bring her sewing machine! :)

Here is our room...there were two of us in each room. I didn't spend much time here. :) Lots of late night sewing...
This is the view from our intent in taking the picture was to capture the beautiful trees, so disregard the garbage bins and random old VW van. LOL The weather was beautiful the whole time we were there.
Here is my sewing spot....not a ton of room, but it worked! I was thankful I brought my side table and mini iron.
We were set up in the lobby of the was one long room with doors to the outside on both ends. Lots of light....
View of the other table was almost right in the middle of the two sides.

I assembled a charity top for Downy Quilts for Kids....
Completely finished my December Count on It banner. Yay! I made all 12 of these this year!
A twister runner made from "Reindeer Games" by Moda...dontcha love the hotel carpet in the background?
(sorry for the bad phone picture) another twister runner, this one is "Northern Cardinal" also by Moda.

I made lots of progress on my Sister's Choice blocks. I think I'll make 12 more blocks and then start assembling!
I wish I had a few more pictures....especially one of the quilt shop that was TWO DOORS DOWN!! Do you have any idea how tempting that is? I would say that everyone made at least two visits every day to the shop. One evening, the shop owner came over and taught us how to make a small project. I'm giving mine as a gift, so I'm not going to show a picture just yet. :)

The retreat was loads of fun and I'm so glad I was able to go. I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies a little better. I'll have a few more pictures to show in the weeks ahead. We assembled two QOV tops and I brought home one to quilt, so I'll share that one soon.

Believe it or not, I'm all packed up and ready to leave at o'dark thirty tomorrow morning for the 2nd retreat. I'll be back in a few days to share pictures!

Happy Quilting!
Monday, October 24, 2011

Just had to share...

After quilting for 20 years, I finally entered a quilt in a quilt show! Our local guild joined together with three other area guilds for their biennial quilt show this weekend. One night at guild meeting they said our guild was short on entries, so I thought...why not? I'll give it a shot.

You probably remember my "Busy Little Christmas Elves" quilt. This pattern is by Gail Pan Designs and is right up there in my list of favorite quilts ever!

Guess what? It won a second place ribbon!!
I was just tickled pink! :)

I also entered this lovely quilt, but it didn't win. That's okay though...I love love love this quilt and it's mine all mine! The judges gave me glowing comments, and I admit, it was nice to read what others thought of it too.
The quilt show was interesting and I'm happy I entered for the experience...but honestly, I'm not too concerned what a "judge" thinks of my quilts. I make the quilts that I make because I'm intrigued by a pattern, or more likely because I love the fabrics.... or simply because The only opinion that matters is mine and my only hope is the person receiving the quilt will love it too! :)

Happy Quilting!
Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sister's Choice Workshop

Our guild held a workshop today and we worked on Bonnie Hunter's quilt pattern called "Sister's Choice." It's a fun block with a 9 patch in the middle. Her pattern calls for using 2.5" strips/squares to make your 9 patch center that finishes 6". Well...I remembered I had this nice little stack of 9 patches in my stash. The only problem...the are made with 2" squares and the 9 patch finishes at 4.5".
No worries! I just realized if I adjusted her pattern to use 2" strips for the neutrals and the 2" squares for the star points, I was good to go! And look! This is what I made today at the workshop. there was a lot more chatting going on at the workshop than sewing, but it's sure was a fun day. There were about 12 of us there today and it was nice to have the opportunity to get to know some of the ladies a little better.
Here is another look at my stack of 9 patches and the blocks I sewed today. The star points are the only constant...all reds, but each block has a different red. Bonnie used green for her star points.
Sooo...I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I also have this, even bigger stack, of 3" mini 9 patches! (Have I mentioned I love 9 patches?)
You know I had to see if I could adjust the pattern even more and make some mini blocks! I used 1.5" strips and squares in these little gems. The minis are by far my favorite. :)
Here is a look at the actual size block, according to Bonnie's directions, with my middle size and mini size. Fun, huh??
Oh and FYI, Bonnie is visiting our guild in April!!!! Woohooo!! This group is so excited...she is doing THREE workshops and a lecture/trunk show. I'm signed up for two of the workshops too! My goal is to have this quilt finished before her visit...think I can do it?

Happy Quilting!